Welcome to Oana Nutu

Welcome in our workshop where all those dream dresses are created. It’s a bless this place exists, not because of it’s beauty but because of it’s magic. This is one piece of art, a short story of a long trip where dress is the final destination. This is where dreams start. Every client’s exigence is our purpose. We cut, sew, match, mix so the result to be just perfect. Pay attention to details, find beauty in every fabric, uniqueness in every color and joy in every moment. This is how we spend day after day here, with love for our work and gowns, brides and bridesmaids, mothers and daughters, clients all over the world.

You can visit of from Monday to Sunday, between 7 AM to 4 PM, but before please make an appointment here: http://www.oananutu.com/programari

Location: House Of Free Press No1, 1st District, Romania, A1, 3th floor



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